Saker / Matte Black & Bourbon / Chromatrast Polarized Smoke Lens

See More Clearly with Cassette Chromatrast Lenses


The Saker is crafted on one of the finest production lines in the world.

 The frames are handmade using custom cellulose acetate that is produced specifically for Cassette Co.  The hinges are the sturdiest Stainless Steel Optical Hinges on the market, which provides superior durability.

The Saker frames feature our new Chromatrast Lenses.  With 2 years of development, the Cassette Chromatrast Lenses attenuate certain wavelengths of light to equalize, enhance, brighten and give contrast to colors while reducing overall light to a comfortable level.  Better color contrast & recognition gives you more visual sensitivity and clarity.

Cassette Chromatrast, Superior Color, Superior Clarity.

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